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Toddy is formed as a result of fermentation of sugar sap by wild yeasts and bacteria, which come into contact with the sap. This is an uncontrolled natural fermentation by number of different strains of yeast and bacteria. The alcohol content in fully fermented toddy is around 5 %. But fermentation of palmyrah sap using pure yeast cultures gives about 7.8% alcohol content under laboratory conditions. The major sugar present in partly fermented toddy is sucrose, glucose and fructose but these all are gradually converted to ethyl alcohol during fermentation

Palmyrah Sweet Toddy 330ml

₨270.00 Regular Price
₨250.00Sale Price
  • Protein.                               0.29 g

    Total sugars.                       2.47 g

    Reducing sugars.               1.41 g

    Vitamin c.                           4.1 mg

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