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Pathaneer, also called palm nectar, is the sap extracted from the inflorescence of various species of toddy palms and used as a drink. Pathaneer extraction is generally performed before sunrise. It is sweet and translucent in colour. It is susceptible to natural fermentation at ambient temperature within a few hours of extraction. Pathaneer is widely consumed in India, Sri Lanka, Africa, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, and Myanmar. Pathaneer is the one of the most refreshing drinks in the hot summer.

Palmyrah Pathaneer

  • Engrgy.                      232.7 kj

    Protein.                     0.31 g

    Fat.                           0.21 g

    Total sugars              11.74 g

    Reducing sugars       1.38 g

    Vitamin B                  0.06 mg

    Vitamin B.                 0.04 mg

    Vitamin B.                 0.48 mg

    Vitamin c.                 5.96 mg

    Calcium.                   24.4 mg

    Magnesium.             67.3 mg

    Iron.                         2.9 mg

    Potassium                7.3 mg

    Phosphorous.          85.1 mg

    Sodium.                   3.6 mg

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