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It is also called as palm gur. Jaggery is made by boiling neera in a galvanized iron pan at 110˚C. Neera gets transformed in to viscous fluid which is poured in to shella and allowed to harden. About 8 liters of neera is required to get 1 kg of jaggery. Palm jaggery is almost like jaggery that is made out of sugar cane juice. It is highly priced due to its medicinal properties. It has an intense, earthy taste or reminiscent of chocolates in its taste [4]. The palm jaggery obtained after processing is darker and richer in colour. It is slight salty to taste but much healthier of the two. Due to its cooling effects over human body, it is of high value. It does not have the bone meal content which is used for whitening processed sugar. The price of the palm jaggery is double that of sugar. Neera converted into a solid or a semisolid crystalline mass ready for direct consumption is called Palm Jaggery. Jaggery is a solid mixture of reducing and non-reducing sugars prepared by concentration of palmyrah sap, except for small changes undergone during its manufacturing. It contains all constitutes of neera and is equally nutritious. The proximate composition of jaggery is moisture (8.97%), ash (3.25%), reducing sugar (3.41%), and total sugars (73.87%). Protein (1.41%) and organic matter (11.1%). Palmyrah jaggery processing adequate amounts of Ca, low sodium and high potassium is prescribed for dispensing in conditions like hypertension and oedema due to heart and liver diseases. It is recommended for the treatment of diseases with marked loss of potassium as the case of diabetic acidosis, post operate convalescence and as a general diuretic. The iron content varies from 5 – 10 mg/100g palm gur. This can profitably be used to cure anemia. Jaggery contains very little amount of nitrogen. With regard to carbohydrates, it contain higher amount of non-reducing sugars than reducing sugars. The higher amounts of sucrose and glucose justify the recommended use of palm gur as good energy source for convalescents, since in the stage one requires readily available energy providing food. It contains vitamins like B12 and C. Comes in two bottles.

Palmyrah Jaggery

SKU: 364115376135191
  • Engrgy                           1593.6 kj

    Protein.                           0.73 g

    Fat.                                 0.11 g


    Carbohydrate.                 91.53 g

    Total sugars                    86.15 g

    Reducing sugars            2.22 g

    Dietary fibre                    3.16 g


    Vitamin B.                     24 mg

    Vitamin B.                    43.2 mg

    Vitamin B.                    5.2 mg

    Vitamin B                     1.5 mg

    Vitamin c.                    11 mg

    Calcium                       699 mg

    Magnesium                 52 mg

    Iron                              24 mg

    Phosphorous.              92 mg

    Potassium                   86 mg

    Sodium                        39 mg

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